What? You can buy the hottest item in a convenience store in Korea now? And it’s an egg case?
“At the GS25 convenience store, they have started selling a set of baked eggs together with Minions’ character-based egg cases.”

All I wish is to live a life of companionship while enjoying a little happiness.
Until now, I’ve wondered, why it should be that difficult, which was meant to be a so-called not a big deal or is it that I’m asking for too much??The moment I saw this movie, I…


Hello, It’s Lanny from Lanny News!

I’m going to tell you the next story of Brave Girls!
If you can’t remember the last story, it’s okay to go back to the previous episode to read for a while.


Hi guys! Sasha from Eggbun here!

We here at Eggbun hope that the COVID-19 situation will become better soon, so you guys will be able to visit Korea and see all its beauty! Until then we will continue posting about some cool places, to prepare you for your visit ;)




王の墓を王陵(おうりょう)と言うんだけれど、そんな王陵のそばに流行りのカフェやレストランがたくさんでき、誰かがこう言ったんだ。 生と死が共存する都市だと。



Hello It’s Lanny again!

Since there are so many good places in Gyeongju
I’ll recommend a few more today!

Fernando Moon

I've studied 6 languages. Failed to learn 3, succeeded in the other 3. I got a deep insight about language learning. Now I try to implement it by helping others

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